The Anatomy of Female Power Audiobook

El Zorro Plateador
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My audiobook narration of this classic of the early manosphere, written by Nigerian Black Power poet and theorist, Chinweizu Ibekwe, in 1990, in which he dissects the qualities of female power and dismantles the Feminist hallucination of the Patriarchy. 

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Table of Contents

Foreword by El Zorro Plateador


PART I – Features of Female Power

1. The Five Pillars of Female Power

2. Womb, Kitchen and Cradle: Control Centers of Female Power

PART II – Motherpower: In the Nest of His Father’s Matriarch

3. The Commandant of the Cradle

PART III – Bridepower: In the Cockpit of Courtship

4. The Powers of Her Body-beautiful

5. Love: Male and Female

6. Courtship: The Hunting of the Love-smitten Man

7. Wedding: The Bride’s Triumph Ceremony

PART IV – Wifepower: In the Nest of His Own Matriarch

8. The Husband Managers

9. The Facade of Patriarchy

10. The Double Standard

11. The Silly Souls of Men

12. Man’s Fear of Woman

13. The Baby as Wife’s Weapon

14. The Penalties of Divorce

Part V – Matriarchy and its Discontents

15. The Matriarch: Sovereign of Her Nest

16. Feminism: A Revolt in Paradise

Epilogue: On Masculinism

Coda by El Zorro Plateador

"The masculinist accepts that, contrary to feminist propaganda and macho illusions, the arch enemies of feminism are not men, but that vast majority of matriarchists who do not wish to give up their traditional powers and privileges. Since patriarchy is but a facade for a basic matriarchy, the men whom feminists claim as their enemies are simply fall guys for the matriarchists. Masculinists, therefore, would redirect the feminist arrows to their proper destination, namely, matriarchy." — Chinweizu

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The Anatomy of Female Power Audiobook

4 ratings
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